A Weapon Costume, otherwise known as a Weapon Skin, is an item that changes your weapons appearance.

A weapon skin is usually purchased from the TERA Store, but can be acquired from other players via trading and using the Trade Broker. Some weapon skins can also be purchased with Fashion Coupons.

Some skins are only available grinding in-game or from events.

Weapon Skin Sets[]

Weapon skins are released in themed sets. A set contains one weapon for each class available at the time the set was released. Most sets have "normal" and "rare" version. You might be able to purchase a standard weapon and a weapon with special visual effects that can only be acquired via Loot Boxes. On older sets rare version is usually available directly.

Different publishers En Masse (NA, console) and Gameforge (EU, RU, rest of the world) have totally different names for most of the costumes since about 2015.

Note: Some sets were created before the release of newer classes, and thus will not have a weapon for them.

  • Whimsical Weapon Skins (from 2012)
  • Prestige Weapon Skins (early 2013)
  • Dark Side Weapon Skins (from 2013)
  • Foodie Weapon Skins (early)
  • Gold Dragon / Black Dragon Weapon Skins
    • Flaming Golden Dragon and Glacial Silver Dragon Weapon Skins use same model but with updated effects and shader skin. (EME: Vesel's Remembrance, Blizzat's Remembrance)
  • Icetouch/Icegrip weapon skins (2013[1])
  • Steam-Powered Weapon Skins (2013[2]) (with Steampunk Costumes)
  • Blackheart / Nexus Crystal / Violet Ice (late 2013)
    • this is actually recoloring of Icetouch, made for Black Friday sale. There is also multicolored Iridescent Crystal version with Fashion Coupons for free.
  • Bloodshadow Ninja Weapon Skins, golden version is Nightfall Weapon Skin, Weapon Skin is called Cherry Blossom / Snow Blossom on GF (March 2014[3])
  • Celestial Weapon Skins (March 2014[4]) aka Celestial Spirit aka Angel Crystal / Angel Diamond skins (GF name) (for 8 classes, not yet for reaper)
  • Veggie Weapon Skins also called Nut Hatch Weapon Skins (July 2014, available for reaper)
  • Flamingo Weapon Skins (released in September 2014 in JTERA, available for reaper)
  • Rogue Weapon Skins (summer 2015[5]) (version with black smoke effect is called Shadowlaced weapon skins[6])
    • Gameforge names are Nightwalker and Mooncloak Weapon Skin
    • Available for reaper, gunner
  • Retro aka 8-bit Weapon Skins (Qubic / Tetrachromic / Cathodyne / Prismatronic set) (2015[7])
    • Available for reaper, gunner
  • Summerbloom / Arthurian Knights Weapon Skins (release EME: Summer[8], GF December 2015[9])
    • This is called "Maid Weapon Skins" in Korea and released with 2014 Maid uniforms.[10]
    • available for reaper, not available for gunner or newer classes
  • Elleon's Weapon Skins (2016[11]) (also called Noblesse, available for Brawler)
  • Plasma Weapon Skins / Spectral Weapon Skins (March 2016[12][13]). Rare version has minimal difference and is called "Master Plasma" by EME and Cyasma / Ethyl / Nether / Porphyry by GF depending color.
  • Polychrome (GF) / Chromaplasm (EME) Weapon Skins, like Plasma but with many colors
  • Ardentfire Weapon Skins, aka Burning Spectral Weapons, EME: Ultraplasm, variant of Spectral. (November 2016)[14]
  • Dragon Armor and Weapon Skins (early 2017[15])
    • quite closely related costume + weapon skin sets that share same models, but have different colors and shaders:
    • Kaia's weapon skins are called Obsidian Dragon skins on NA (Kaia's costumes released in February 2017[16]
    • Manaya's weapon skins are called Glacial Dragon skins on NA
    • Sabranak's weapon skins are called Arctic Dragon skins on NA (Sabranak's Weapon Skins available on EU July 2017 [17])
    • Darkan's weapon skins are called Volcanic Dragon skins on NA
  • Frost Guards Weapon Skins (September 2017 [18]) (with Frost Guards costumes, this is Gameforge name, on NA called Starglow weapon skins and Crystal Blue weapon skins [19]. First set available for valkyrie.)
  • Angelic Weapon Skins (2018[20]) (released with Prophet Vesture/Celestial Costume and Divine Archangel Wings)
  • Infernal Pandemonium aka Diabolic and Hellbound Weapon skins (June 2018)[21][22] (released with Sinister Wings of the Fallen)
  • Supercharged/Turbocharged Weapon Skins (2018[23]), Gameforge name: IM39 Ventarene/IM39 Hexapleonic (released along with IM39 Prototype flight suit)
  • Spellforged Weapon Skins (2019[24]) called Photon / Guardex Photon by Gameforge
    • along with Spellweave/Spellsilk costumes [ugly costume no one wanted to use] and Spellrider & Spellracer hovercraft style flying mounts
  • Christmas Weapon Skins (Christmas 2019)
  • Pink Heart Weapon Skins (April 2020[25])
  • Balder's Weapon Skins (2020[26]) (5th set of Dragon Armor and Weapon Skins, with gold shine.)
  • Exodor's Weapon Skins (late 2020[27]) (6th set of Dragon Armor and Weapon Skins, colored black and with violet flames.)
  • Intergalactic Weapon Skins (2020[28]) (Cosmic Ray/Galactic Weapon Skin), called Balder's Radiant weapons by EME.
  • Oceanum Weapon Skins (2021)
  • Twifrost/Crystalstorm Weapon Skins (2021) (uses same models as Icetouch, with added effects)
  • Shandra Manaya's Weapon Skins (part of Shandra Manaya's Armor costume, end of September 2021, possibly same as Ameretat skins on console)
    • Uses recycled models from 2013 dragon skins, with new skins for new classes
  • Kitty Weapon Skins
    • In shop in December 2021 as part of big (and expensive) Kitty package. Not in Dressing Room.



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