Continent Southern Shara

Westonia is one of the provinces of the Southern Shara continent.


Westonia is famed for its cool, stark beauty and for its eldritch shards. Hardy settlers from across the world journeyed to Westonia to carve their fortune out of its icy peaks. Looming over the province, with its original name lost to the ages, is the Citadel of Torment—an ancient castle overrun by unspeakable horrors.

Westonia is home to sirens and crystalline wendigos, along with wandering bands of Junaidar mercenaries and the odd giant or dracoloth. The wendigos guard the Azurice Shrine, a particularly rich field of eldritch shards, where they battle against anyone who tries to take their crystals. As the shards are useful for magical defense, such as those protecting Allemantheia, the Valkyon Federation wants those shards. If the federation can’t negotiate for them, they might well fight for them.[1]

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